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James Chapman
Agile & Lean Advisor | Trainer and Coach

I work with companies to transform their ability to deliver software and services quickly and effectively using Agile and Lean approaches—and I firmly believe that Agile is more about people and less about process, and that real Agile delivery is only possible if the whole company changes how it thinks and works. I specialise in Product Backlog creation and management: creating a value driven Agile demand to match an Agile delivery capability, within a human organization that allows people and their interactions to flourish.

My other passion is horses. Horses have a unique ability to teach us about ourselves — and how we interact with the world around us — and when I am not facilitating Agile and Lean transformation, I am working with these amazing animals, running leadership and team-building courses in Portugal. 

John Dyson
Agile Backlog Specialist

I work with businesses to define and build prioritised agile development product backlogs. I work at portfolio and product levels, delivering backlogs that are aligned and prioritised at the portfolio level, enabling the development teams to build the highest priority features.

I ruthlessly eliminate blocking dependencies, giving each product a clear route to delivery and market.  I coach by doing, fully hands-on, delivering value.

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