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BacklogFocus! - What do Product Owners s


Give your teams the Product Backlogs they need to succeed

Because every Agile team we have ever worked with has been constrained, to a greater or lesser extent, by the content and quality of their Product Backlog

And it doesn’t matter how good the Development Teams are at delivering software.  If they are not working from well-structured and well-written Product Backlogs, they will never be able to maximise the value to the business they are capable of delivering

Creating and maintaining a good Product Backlog is a critically important activity — and it is one that many Product Owners are finding difficult.  But if developers are getting better at delivering valuable working software then we need to get better at giving them the Backlogs they need to succeed.

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Some of the things that Product Owners are saying to us
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The role—This is a new role for me.  I was a  Business Analyst or a Product Manager before; and I haven’t been properly trained so I don’t really understand this new role. Help!

User Story.png

User Stories —Everyone talks about User Stories but no one seems to agree on what they are and what they should look like.  Help!

Technical Debt.png

Technical debt—How can I understand  and prioritize technal work that needs to be done alongside developing business functionality?  Help!


Stakeholders—I have so many stakeholders.  How  can I balance the constant — and often conflicting — demands of all my stakeholders. Help!

Burn Up.png

Metrics—Everyone is asking me for metrics.  What are they? What should I measure? And how will they help me plan and forecast?  Help!

Product Backlog.png

The Product Backlog— I can see that Ihe concept  is fundamental to Agile methods but its content and structure are not well defined and I don’t know what I am supposed to create. Help!


Prioritization—I have a long list of User Stories.  Hundreds.  How do I get a picture of the product we are developing and how do I prioritize the work we have to do? Help!


Time—I don’t have time to do my day job.  Everyone wants to talk to me and my calendar is totally full and double-booked  Help!


Focus— My stakeholders have a long-term strategic view of big things they want delivered but my team has a short-term view of delivering small things quickly and often.  Help!


Portfolio—My backlog is part of a large programme or portfolio.  There are a lot of dependencies on other teams and we keep tripping over each other.  Help!

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