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There can be no real Agile delivery unless there is a corresponding Agile ask from the business

Traditional project based gated governance models are ill-suited to Agile software delivery which is founded on the principle of incremental delivery of products.

If companies are to get the full benefits of adopting Agile methods and practices then they need to develop an operating model that reflects the way that IT delivers.

SteadyState! presents a product focused operating model.  One that the reflect the steady state of an Agile delivery capacity rather than the stop/start approach of project based models.

At the heart of SteadyState! is a Portfolio Scrum.  The Portfolio Scrum that continuously assesses everything that is required by the business and feeds it though to the individual team backlogs in a coherent and controlled manner to ensure that the most value is delivered for the whole company.

If IT is getting better at delivering software then the business needs to get better at asking for it.

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